About Me

Myself Prakash Vitthal Inamdar, Late. Dr. Appasaheb Inamdar's son. I was born & brought up in Pune. I got a great inheritance of being an actor, from my father. I worked for 40-50 years.

My journey begins with theatre with quite an interesting way. My first play was Zashichi Rani, produced by Bhratnatya Mandir, Pune. At that time my age was 1yr and I was quite healthy boy. My weight was 31 pounds, now you can really imagine how healthy I was. I got a role of Zashi's Rani's step son Damodara. The role is already practised by me, because I have no dialogues. I have to just sit back of Rani and look at every one. My father was also playing the role of Tatya Tope in Play, so everyone believed I was the best choice for their drama. All was set, but the big problem was that the actress which was playing role of Zashi's Rani, she didn’t practised along with me. She still doesn’t know about my healthiness. At the moment Rani appears on the stage, due to my weight the cloth-bag wrap, back of the Rani got torn. I fall down from cloth-bag on stage. I felt all scenario funny. The audience also feels the same and got huge laughter in the theatre. That was my first Entry on Stage.

I became the owner of Drama Company 'Kalasangam, Pune'. After my father Late. Dr. Appasaheb Inamdar passes away, I devotedly work for drama company. I am extreme follower of Folk art. This form of art is essentially created by people for people. This gift of Folk art was given to me from my father Late. Dr. Appasaheb Inamdar, who was the great worshipper of Folk art. I played a role in different forms of dramas like Loknatya, Vagnatya, Social, Historical, Musical plays, Dvipatris. 'Gadhavacha Lagna' was the real MileStone of my acting career. Many awards and reward deposited in my account because of Gadhavacha Lagna. I think I succeeded making wonderful rapport with my directors, producers, co-actors, actress and crew during my career span.

I played various characters like Songadya in Vaganatyas, Kaviraj in Musical Plays, Ravsaheb in Social play, I tried to make those characters as they have existed in real life, but one of my characters became my soul, and that is 'Savalya Khumbhar'.I got an opportunity to be with people many times because of innocent Savalya. All appreciations become my best Tonic for lifetime.